World Science Scholars (WSS), a free program of the World Science Festival, selects a small group of high school students from around the world with extraordinary mathematical talent and provides them with an unparalleled opportunity to apply their abilities to unexplored disciplines. Guided by world-renowned experts, scholars examine ways that advanced mathematics skills can be applied to solve complex challenges in a wide range of scientific fields.

The World Science Scholars Program

  • Deepen your knowledge through rigorous and exciting coursework and experiences that cannot be found elsewhere. Inspiring, self-paced college-level courses include interactive demonstrations, exercises, discussions, and video lectures. 
  • Grapple with mathematical ideas in new and unfamiliar contexts through experiences led by world-renowned scientists in a range of fields, including particle physics, computational thinking, gene editing, neuroscience, nanoscience, astrobiology, string theory, and many more.
  • Collaborate with scholars around the world to brainstorm, design, and present projects on topics ranging from nanobot innovations, computer language software development, evolutionary causation, and more.
  • Participate in live sessions with faculty members to engage in discussions about the cutting-edge concepts included in the courses.
  • Interact weekly with content-expert teaching fellows to discuss course content, take virtual lab tours, and receive feedback on projects.
  • Forge friendships with like-minded peers in an enriching, vibrant, and intellectual social network.
  • Participate in a celebratory end-of-program event that includes receipt of a certificate of completion for those who fulfill the program’s commitment requirements.

Other Benefits

  • Join a vibrant and growing community of scientists and innovators.
  • Build relationships with course professors that extend beyond the WSS program.
  • Engage with WSS alumni who mentor course projects and are available to talk about internship and research opportunities and the college application process.
  • Hone your interests and explore career opportunities.
  • Receive access to additional courses as WSS alumni.
  • Gain opportunities to attend the World Science Festival in New York City, USA or Brisbane, Australia.


  • World Science Scholars is a one-year program with an opportunity to continue taking courses as an alumnus.
  • Scholars commit to an average of two hours per week during the academic year for one year
  • Satisfactory completion of the program requires engaging in the coursework, attending sessions, and participating in projects. This results in the receipt of a certificate of completion.
  • Alumni are encouraged to continue participating to the extent possible and are offered mentorship opportunities for the active cohort of scholars and continue to receive special opportunities from the World Science Festival.

Want to Learn More?

Below is a short video highlighting the key features of the World Science Scholars program.

 Applications for the 2024 cohort of World Science Scholars are now closed. Please check back in in the fall for information about applying to the 2025 cohort.
World Science Scholars is a program of the World Science Festival.

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